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The Beginner’s Guide to Google Optimize

Chances are, you’ve heard of Google Optimize by now. It’s Google’s solution for A/B testing and personalization. It launched in beta last year, which left optimizers around the world waiting in line to try it out. Now that it’s out of beta, you can give it a try without the wait. But what can you expect? […]

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5 must-dos for SEO beginners

  You might disagree, but I see Search Engine Optimization as both an art and a science. You need to be creative in your approaches to please search engines and outsmart competitors while also applying solid research and analytics-based strategies. To do this, you need to employ a variety of techniques and tools. Unfortunately, however, […]

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3 Simple SEO Tips for Blogging Newbies

  Ranking well on Google may seem virtually impossible if you are a new blogger. From all the tools, tips and techniques being shared among SEO gods you may feel utterly overwhelmed about where to even start. I must confess; I am hardly an SEO wizard but ranked 2 of my posts on Google a […]

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Six Top SEO Factors in 2016

It’s no secret that SEO is changing fast. So fast, in fact, that many small business owners have trouble keeping tabs on what is (and isn’t) important in the world of SEO. Back in the early days, things were simpler. SEO was all about title tags, keywords, and backlinks. Today, a successful SEO campaign needs […]

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